100 Things – Part 2

45) I hate sequels.

46) Ethan Hawke annoys me.

47) I find “Family Guy” to be spectacularly unfunny.

48) Except for Stewie. He has his moments.

49) If I had to do karaoke right now, I would do Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run.”

50) I REALLY should not ever do karaoke.

51) I hate charging people money to do things for them.

52) I’ll never be a gigolo.

53) And I went to business school.

54) I wish that I would have went to journalism school

55) I can be a teensy bit sarcastic. No. It’s true!

56) I have never given anyone the gift of a dick in a box.

57) I wonder if people are going to read #56 in the future – without remembering the reference – and think that I am quite odd.

58) I once told a woman that Simon LeBon from Duran Duran was my uncle and that they were singing “Hungry Like DeWolf.”

59) I am beyond addicted to “The Wire.”

60) I’d still like to know who, exactly, let the dogs out.

61) I wouldn’t have voted for Mark McGwire to get into the baseball hall of fame either.

62) I think that Emily Proctor has the best accent ever.

63) But, I still have’t heard all Aussie women yet.

64) I enjoy Lisa Loeb’s “Stay” WAY too much.

65) The Dixie Chicks’ version of “Landslide” also.

66) Even in high school I had sappy music around (mix tapes!), though I claimed it was “for the girls” and “to set the mood.” I wonder if my friends bought that.

67) Dreams affect my mood for the next day. If you showed up in my dream and were a jerkass, then I’m not going to like you the next day.

68) Last night I had a dream that I was kissing a woman and she kept accidentally biting my tongue. I don’t think that I want to know what that represents.

69) My father had a ’69 Mustang (!!!) and sold it (for little or nothing) the year I was born. This may impact what kind of home I eventually put him in.

70) I recently realized that 100 things is a lot of friggin’ things.

71) I like gadgets. Too much. (Was looking at this new Blackberry last night…)

72) I was a card-carrying member of the “Guy LaFleur Fanclub” when I was a little Pete. I carried the card and everything.

73) I read a book when I was a kid that taught you how to carve out the middle of a book so that you could use it for a hiding place for your valuables.

74) So, I carved out THAT book.

75) I stored my Guy LaFleur Fanclub card in there when I wasn’t carrying it.

76) I check my e-mail obsessively. Even though gmail checks for new mail automatically, I still hit the “Inbox” link to make it check sooner.

77) I can’t believe that there are still people who haven’t converted to gmail.

78) If Lauren Graham was a cult, I’d join.

79) Unless they made us wear matching tennis shoes.

80) The best pizza I’ve ever eaten is at King of Donair on Quinpool St. in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

81) By my rough estimates, I spent almost $3600 there during my university career.

82) The drivers all knew me by name, and I always asked about their kids, wives, Star Wars collectibles collections, etc.

83) While in university, I was probably paying for their kids to go to university. Isn’t that like paying it forward, or something?

84) I’ve never seen PAY IT FORWARD.

85) I watch OFFICE SPACE every 3-4 months.

86) I watch SWINGERS once a year.

87) I have a head full of useless knowledge. Seriously. Trivia that nobody should know.

88) I sometimes wonder if Menudo is still going strong.

89) For a frosh week hazing thing, we had to sing NKOTB’s “Step By Step” in front of a (now gone) famous bar in Halifax.

90) I was step four.

91) I can totally give you more.

92) I used to wear contact lenses, but then I had cigarette ashes flicked into one of my eyes. It messed up the lens and I had a blood shot eye for months. I never went back to wearing them.

93) I hate shaving.

94) I just checked my gmail account again.

95) I just realized that I really didn’t share very much information in this list.

96) I am okay with that.

97) I think that Shakira’s hips might actually lie, but I may need to study them more to be certain.

98) Empire State Building Fun Fact #98… It was declared by the American Society of Civil Engineers to be one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

99) Red Balloons go by.

100) You didn’t think I’d make a list of 100 things and not mention my little ACN, did you?

So, there ya go. 100 things. And you read them all. In some cultures we’d be married now.

0 thoughts on “100 Things – Part 2

  1. I’m confused. How can someone have the good taste to enjoy Office Space and How I Met Your Mother and yet find Family Guy unfunny?


  2. Dave: I think that unfunny is a massive understatement here. I really hate the show. The few episodes I forced myself to sit through were rascist, homophobic and chock full of unfunny and dated references. (And they weren’t even dated in a funny, ironic kind of way – like Menudo!)

    I’ve see/read interviews with the creator and he came across as an absolute dick. (A friend of mine met him and confirmed my suspicions.)

    It offends me that it is on TV.

    And ‘American Dad’ is absolutely unwatchable.

  3. “Hungry like DeWolf” hahahahahaha

    I, too, am annoyed by Ethan Hawke.

    Of course dream affect you! Ever have a sex dream about a coworker? Just saying hi to them the next day makes you blush.

  4. I’m so impressed that you know who Simon LeBon is. Duran Duran was the center of my universe in grade 7 and 8(not kidding). Simon and John were my favorites. I did not have a square inch of wall space in my bedroom that was not covered with their faces. Also, my strongest and longest lasting friendships were formed as a result of our common obsessions with the band. (Again, not kidding.)

    I still LOVE Duran Duran today, but the obsession has passed.

    Now I must go listen to “Hungry like DeWolf”.

  5. Eve: I also sometimes sing John Lennon’s classic as “Give Pete a Chance.”

    If I have any kind of “friendly” dream, the next day the female in question suddenly seems much sexier than usual.

    Amy: I made fun of Druan Duran when I was younger – mostly because my sister was a big fan. But, I’m an 80s music junkie so I appreciate their stuff now.

  6. Hmm, I see the number 100 there and yet somehow I feel like it wasn’t actually 100 Things About You…

    You wouldn’t be trying to cheat us, now would you?

  7. Wait — so why is gmail so much better?

    It’s true — there’s nothing like a sex dream to sexify someone. And who appears in them is not necessarily there for any apparent reason (like being sexy for example.)

  8. Amy: And the Taylor guy (was there two of ’em?) was in Power Station!

    James: I’d be shocked if there were more than 40 actual facts. ;)

    Eve: I love that gmail has a built-in little chat dealie for conversing with fellow awesome gmailers. I also like that it keeps all your old messages in archives. Much handier than you would think.

    I sooo hear you on unexpected people showing up in sex dreams. People that you’ve never thought of in that way. And some people you haven’t thought about in ANY way for a long time.

  9. Yes, John and Andy, and they were both in Power Station (also awesome). Did you google that? I don’t believe you knew that!

  10. I can’t believe I momentarily forgot this. I am so ashamed. There were 3 Taylors. Roger was the other one (not in Power Station though). He was the ugly one.

  11. 58) I once told a woman that Simon LeBon from Duran Duran was my uncle and that they were singing “Hungry Like DeWolf.”

    ….I would have believed you.

  12. I loved Office Space … the scene where they bring the fax (or printer?) to the field and beat the shit out of it was one of my favourite parts.

  13. #76…MEEE TOOO! Its ridiculous and I shake my head at myself each time. And then click the “check new mail button”.

    Also, I burst out laughing at 99. Brilliantly subtle.

  14. I have gmail (listed on blog), but as web-based email goes, I don’t see that it offers superior capabilities to Yahoo (for example). The best thing about it is that you can use it for all your Google-related thingys. I guess it does have that “record of sent/entire conversations” feature. This was written two years ago, though, so perhaps we’ve moved passed the whole “Google is better than every other thing” thing.

  15. Re: #56.

    Still funny.

    Actually, it might have transitioned into classic funny by now. I’m not clear on the timelines for these things.

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