10 Ways For A Man To Properly Handle Being Dumped

It should be mentioned, so I will, that every break-up is different. They are unique little snowflakes of heart-break and crushing chest pains. This advice is meant for long-term serious relationships. If it was a short-term shallow one, grab a hot shower, sing “Baby Got Back”, and get on with your day.

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3 Responses

  1. Sid says:

    Bwhahaha “Bad idea: try to convince attractive platonic friends to dress as french maids and beat you with badminton rackets.”
    Actually, I don’t think these tips are gender specific.

  2. Akirah says:

    This breakup coach says, “Good piece! Will definitely be sharing.” Thanks! :)

  3. Lkd says:

    #6 true story…

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