10 social marketing pick-up lines

“Give me twenty minutes and you’ll be making your S-E-… ‘O face.'”

“We’ll start your campaign with a little pre-launch… then the launch… then cuddling.”

“Wanna put the sin in synergy?”

“I’ll help you get the wrinkles out of your cascading style sheets.”

“Baby got backlink.”

“There’s a fine line between crowdsourcing and orgy.”

“I heard that your bed is open platform.”

“Nice server rack.”

“Come back to my place and measure our bounce rate?”

“Girl, you put the ass in grassroots marketing.”

16 thoughts on “10 social marketing pick-up lines

  1. Hilarious, those are way better than the ones I tried:

    Why don’t we go back to MySpace, and see what sucks.


    “I know one person that’s been following you for a while now…”


    “I’d Poke you.”

    So many fails

  2. “Are you a YouTube video? Cause you’ve gone viral in my head.”

    Wait, that sounds kinda bad.

    “If I said you had a nice blog, Word you Press it against me?”

    “You put the Plus in Google Plus.”

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