To: You
Fr: Me
Subject: I used all my creativity on the mail itself…

Hi, you.

So, this is our first e-mail exchange. And I haven’t said anything stupid yet.


Well, maybe that.


Have you ever noticed that the more clever you try to be in e-mails/conversations/multiple felony trials the less clever you seem?

I didn’t know if I should e-mail you at all.  Being able to figure out women is not really a strength of mine.  It’s like…  driving in Japan.  I see all the signs, but I can’t read them.  And one wrong turn and I end up in a Hello, Kitty store.

Or something.

I was trying to come up with the perfect excuse to casually e-mail you.  I came up with nothin’.  Nothin’.

Here’s the thing:

I think you’re great.

That’s it, really.

Everything I’ve seen or heard or learned about you has been amazing.

Your eyes make me want to write a country song…  about your lips, for some reason.

I’m so completely intrigued.  I want to know more.

While it is entirely possible that there is no interest from your end, I figured that everyone likes to be told that they are great.  You know?

I hope.

And now I will hit “send,” confident in the fact that, as soon as I do, I’ll think of the perfect excuse to casually e-mail you.

Adorably yours–

I mean, ADORINGLY yours.

Naw… I totally meant “Adorably yours.”

(Apparently I am pretty confident in the cuteness of my very real insecurities.)

– Me

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  1. This IS adorable.

    Much, much better than an email *I* actually received once, wherein the admirer offered to father my children, and referred to himself as a “romance novelist.” Which meant he had a blog all about S&M-y/deprivation sexual encounters.

  2. I would forgo my Scrabble genius to receive an email like this.


    Who am I kidding? My Scrabble genius has already left. I’m down my 100 points and there’s no relief in sight.

    I hate today.

  3. I can’t decide whether this email would make me swoon or make me tilt my head to the side and look at you all squinty-eyed like a mysterious spot on the carpet…and then swoon, of course.

  4. Actually it’s not really an email exchange until she’s replied. At the moment it’s just fan mail or evidence to be used against you when she wants to gain a restraining order … (=

  5. cute little insecurities ARE adorable. and i know exactly what you mean… the perfect words tend to find me immediately AFTER I instead have said something stupid.

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